NEWS: Now Open at Unit London: Henry Hudson & Suchitra Mattai

Harry Hudson
18th Jan - 12th Feb


Henry Hudson’s first solo exhibition with Unit London is a celebration of colour in its purest form: broad spectrums radiate as all colour hues eventually meet with their opposite. Yet, a single horizon line stretches steadily throughout, embedded within the very materiality of the artworks themselves.

Almost mathematical in their precision, these works are a departure from Hudson’s intricately detailed nudes and jungle compositions. Here, the artist reduces experience to its theoretical essentials, resulting in his boldest and most abstracted body of work to date.

"I think these ‘Horizon Lines’, these cuts, these pathways, these lines are both hopeful but also quite poignant in the sense that they can be ontological or lead you in a certain direction. I think also they can be boundaries that people may need to cross within themselves.

Where is a horizon line? Where does it start, where does it end?"

— Henry Hudson.

Suchitra Mattai
11th Jan - 12th Feb

Suchitra Mattai’s debut solo exhibition with Unit London presents an exploration of monsters in their various forms. Navigating spaces of myth, fantasy and memory, Monster delves into how otherness and monstrosity intertwine. Specifically thinking of immigrant communities and the mentally ill, Mattai’s works look closely at our differences and how these differences can often be a source of fear and misunderstanding.


"Suchitra Mattai confronts biases by naming them and opening a visual and conceptual arena where she creates a spectacle that lodges in our psyches. She invites us to explore our own monsters, especially how we are involved with othering and mental health metrics. Her Indo-Caribbean heritage and feminist position inform choices for materials and symbols that resonate deeply, inviting empathetic identification with her subject, the monstrous."

- Rebecca Hart, (previously Modern and Contemporary Art Curator for the Denver Art Museum)