NEWS: Parcels Release New Track And Video “THEWORSTTHING”

Parcels, the acclaimed 5-piece pop/funk outfit have released “Theworstthing”-- the latest new track and video to be released ahead of their forthcoming anticipated new album, Day/Night out November 5th on Because Music.

With “Theworstthing” Parcels continue to demonstrate their keen musicianship and stylistic range. Lauded for their infectious grooves and danceable hooks, “Theworstthing” shows their more reflective and melodic side, delivering a heady, satisfying track. The song was written and produced by the band, with notable mixing duties courtesy of James Ford and string arrangements by OwenPallett, both of whom worked on the entire Day/Night project. Originating in the hands of keyboardist/guitarist Patrick Hetheringtonwho also sings lead vocal on the track, “Theworstthing” evolved as the band came together to write and record new music during lockdown.

Parcels explain, “Patrick had this track written in the form of a beautifully lo-fi slow jam demo direct from his Berlin bedroom. We were later drawn to it when writing together in a rented house in the bush of Australia, where we spent all hours jamming out tracks and going deep into the music. It quickly became clear that this was an example of some of Pat’s finest songwriting to date and so the task then was to honour this as simply as possible. Despite the groove there was a touch of country in there which we were excited to work with. The result sounds very true to Parcels while the song itself feels like pure and quintessential Pat.”

In the video for “Theworstthing” the various band members and additional characters are seen in candid, straight ahead shots that feel like a therapy session. Directed by Carmen Crommelin, the confessional nature of the visuals compliment the song’s lyrical sentiment, confronting feelings in all their magnitude. It’s about compassion, love, anger, disappointment, shame, hurt, and that wonderful release when all those emotions are allowed to be and acceptance can come in. Patrick’s words speak poetically and bravely, straight to the heart. The story is about resolution, for both the characters, but also, a bit for ourselves. The clip’s surprising ending makes light of the whole affair and sets the scene for the band’s next music video coming soon.

Additional tracks unveiled from Day/Night ahead of album release include "Somethinggreater” Comingback” and “Free.” Vast and cinematic in sound and layered lyrical themes, Day/Night channels western folk and classic pop, resulting in a new sound the band describes as “Cowboy Disco.” The record tackles opposing topics of identity vs anonymity, family vs independence, belonging vs isolation and nostalgia vs projection; the self and the shadow self. The album is cyclical - a perfect loop from end to its start - echoing the albums’ theme of inner and outer self and the constant turning of the natural world.

Critics have unanimously embraced the new music, with Consequence of Sound saying, “Parcels haven’t ditched the Nile Rogers-influenced strut that made their previous material so irresistible…but they’re adding more character and more freedom to their sound,” while FLOOD called the new music “infectious” and Paste raved, “Parcels have the extremely rare talent of writing music that moves and grooves with ecstatic energy throughout every beat.”

Parcels 2021 European Tour:

2nd November - Islington Assembly Hall, London

5th November - La Cigale, Paris, France

6th November - Metropol, Berlin, Germany

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