NEWS: Parcels Unveil Live Video Performance Of Free

Parcels have today released a video of them performing their latest single 'Free' just outside the Silverton Hotel, in a tiny town in the middle of Australia with only 50 inhabitants. The video was filmed in Wilyakali, Australia. The Wilyakali or Wiljaali are an Australian aboriginal tribal group of the Darling River basin in Far West New South Wales, Australia. Their traditional lands centred on the towns of Broken Hill and Silverton and surrounding country. Parcels playing live at the Silverton Hotel all started with a phone call between drummer Anatole and a man who introduced himself as Peter Price.

Parcels - Free (live outside the Silverton Hotel, Australia)

Parcels keyboardist Louie Swain had gathered a list of places to check out on the band’s ambitious outback trip being filmed for a future documentary (more info to follow). The band explains, “Silverton was high on the list. With a population of 50, Silverton is a small town hosting only a couple of dusty streets, a few donkeys, a pub, a bakery, and endless desert surroundings. On the fifth phone call Anatole finally reached Peter, owner of the Silverton Hotel. He didn’t really understand why we wanted to come, or how we were going to make it that far inland, but said we were welcome and that ‘he’d believe it when he saw it’. What we didn’t understand over the phone, or from the Google images, was the calming pace and kind-hearted spirit which the town exudes. Driving away on that dusty road we couldn’t shake the feeling that the people of Silverton are as close to feeling ‘Free’ as people might ever be.”