NEWS: Parcels Have A Blast In Their Live Music Video “Comingback”

Five-piece Australian pop-funk band Parcels have shared their striking new live music video for their latest track “Comingback” out now on Because Music. A refreshing departure from the typical live music video, the clip captivatingly captures the band performing fully acoustic in a remote corner of the Australian outback. Stripped down to two guitars, a tambourine, unamplified vocal and a keyboard (playfully resting on two boulders), the song retains its jubilant feel and brims with warm harmonies in this unexpected setting for a breakout performance. Parcels look like they’re having the time of their lives and invite the viewer to come along for the ride.

Aptly lending itself to the lyrical message of the song, the video showcases the desolate yet beautiful landscape, while they sing, “is there anyone out here, looking for hope.” Directed by Oliver Rose, with creative direction by Carmen Crommelin (sister of band member Richard Crommelin), the video and its simplicity and understated performance allow the song’s authentic optimism to shine. Though the song is about the isolation of tour life, its hopeful message of perseverance make it a timely antidote coming out of the darkness of the pandemic. The video was filmed during the band’s recent ambitious journey through their native Australia for a long-form documentary coming later this year.

The band explains, “We were playing our music to the furthest corner of the world, in the remotest pub in Australia, to about ten to fifteen people. A man with white hair and an important stature approached us as we finished our last song for the night, and quickly shook our hands. He was the Mayer of the town named Trevor, and owned all of it: The Caravan park, and, the Pub. But as he explained, other than looking after his beautiful old pub and its people, his real passion was flying. So he invited us to fly with him in his single propeller plane, over the largest owned property in Australia. Spanning seven million acres, it had no signs for life, other than an apparent handful of dirt roads. We couldn’t see where those dirt roads were. We'd never seen such untouched land. It was like flying over a different planet! He dropped us off where the flat planes grew to cliffs, and we walked on land that had no footsteps or bird as, only honey comb and purple colored rocks that disintegrated into your fingers. We got the guitars out of the ten-seater plane and began to sing ‘Comingback.’ We’d never felt us hit the point of the song so on the head. We had arrived”

“Comingback” was written by guitarist/vocalist Jules Crommelin and recorded during lockdown in La Frette Studios, Paris. The track was produced by the band, with mixing courtesy of James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Florence and The Machine) and orchestral arrangements by Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire). Stream/download the studio version HERE and watch the official, effervescent music video HERE. The band romps through the Australian countryside, running and dancing with their instruments, and driving through the scenic landscapes. Also directed by Oliver Rose, the clip showcases the dazzling beauty of the outback, while simultaneously capturing the undeniable camaraderie the band shares.

“Comingback” follows the band’s recent release of the single “Free.” Both “Free” and “Comingback” are the first new original studio music to be released since their acclaimed debut album Parcels (2018) and the subsequent Live Vol 1, featuring previously released material (2020). Paste called “Free” a sun-kissed track…70s-evoking funk guitars and keys, with sultry and smooth vocal melodies.” The band shot a live video for “Free” at Australia’s remote Silverton Hotel, watch it HERE.

Formed in Byron Bay in Australia in their final year of high school, the band relocated to Berlin where they spent several years before returning to their native Australia. Parcels is Jules Crommelin (guitar/vocals), Louie Swain (keyboard, vocals), Patrick Hetherington (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Noah Hill (bass/vocals) and Anatole 'Toto' Serret (drums/vocals). To date they've amassed over 350 million streams, 200,000 album sales worldwide, and a debut single that was produced by none other than Daft Punk. Previous festival appearances include Glastonbury and Coachella, along with their own sold-out headline shows across the world. Parcels’ tight and inventive songwriting brims with snapping rhythms and tricky basslines accompanying the group’s feathery, flesh-and-blood vocals. More anticipated new music is coming soon.