NEWS: Purr Drop Track STM

Purr, the project of songwriting partners Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen released “STM,” an honest and courageous folk-pop track showcasing the duo's unadulterated, harmonizing voices over inviting and breezy guitars.

“STM,” serves as a counterpoint to and continues the brave emotional journey of recent single “Many Days,” a vulnerable and honest profession of hanging onto something that perhaps one should let go of but can’t—a faith in a foggy, fading, changing love.

“STM” is the next chapter, Eliza says it’s a song “about reversing out of a life, a love, a dream…”

Eliza, who is just finishing an MFA at Columbia University and a novel project, expands on the meaning and influences behind these new songs in a personal essay for the TalkHouse, read that here.

Eliza and Jack met as young children, though never became friends until high school when a shared music teacher suggested that they try making music together. Just after the two had graduated high school they wrote a song and began their first musical project under their own names, Jack and Eliza. In 2018, they closed the book on Jack and Eliza and started a new project under the moniker Purr and released their debut LP, Like New (ANTI-), in late February 2020, which FADER called “storybook psych-pop with old school New York charm.” Like New established Purr as undeniably timeless songwriters with their distinctive harmonies spinning at center