NEWS: Royal Jr Shares Debut Over By The Rain

Over by The Rain is a stunning first release by Royel Jr, capturing the duo’s conflict and familiarity with the violence of love. Spending time in studios across the UK, the lyrics traverse the storm of coming out and coming of age, soaked in beautiful reverbs and nostalgic synths. Royel Jr are not only imagining, but exploring a world wherein rebellion is not taboo.

The lyrics carefully study the tenderness of sexuality, offering space to explore queerness, infidelity, addiction and self-acceptance. In these encounters, what emerges is their most honest selves in their desires and quest for love. ‘Over by the Rain’ is sonically bold, with big bass, aggressive guitar solo, and a soulful expression. In this approach, there is an undeniable reverence for their message.

Royel Jr deconstruct the turbulent experience of coming into adulthood and life. Their music carries you through both mundane and visceral themes of sexuality, love lost, and addiction. The relationship between lyrics and music is shaped carefully to bring all to an almost meditative state.

The ambition began in a small Irish hospital and a near death experience, with words flowing from Irish vocalist and songwriter Roy Gilmartin, “I don’t want to die having never shared my music”. Months later, he met producer and composer Jacob Elias in an east London flat and began what is now known as Royel Jr. It was there the sounds of the city; passing cars & working late nights in queer spaces that inspired Roy on an almost subconscious level to write the music. Jacob and Roy came to the same conclusions about music and what they wanted from it. Their artistic practice flows comfortably across genres, weaving groovy hip hop instrumentals in ‘Over by the Rain’ and shifting into a dreamy pop 80’s production in ‘Don’t Know Why’. The duo are constantly evolving, drawing from nearby thinkers and collective spaces. In a world of total disarray, Royel Jr are a colorful and abstract explosion.