NEWS: Shibashi Releases 80s inspired Disco Track 'We Were Young' ft Chl​​öe Howl

Brazil born, Belfast based Shibashi AKA Gigi Monterro has released a new track, ‘We Were Young’ featuring BRIT nominated Chlöe Howl.

‘We Were Young’ is a bold, disco inspired track, reminiscent of an 80s Chicago house tune. Drenched in catchy beats and paired with Chlöe Howl’s powerfully intense and engaging vocals, the track is set to be a dance floor anthem.

Shibashi said "It’s a heart on your sleeve, dance away the tears, first big break up song. It parallels a relationship with starting out young in the music industry. The ‘twists and turns’ involved in trying to break through and find your feet. New Order meets Lady Gaga at a dinner party with Van Halen."

Famously shy of the spotlight, Shibashi AKA Gigi Monterro’s reputation within the underground dance community is far from buried. A globetrotting pioneer whose fabled live sets have put down markers as far afield as Rio, Ibiza, Berlin and Bangor, Gigi is internationally recognised as one of the industry’s finest and is highly sought after when it comes to high quality collabs.