NEWS: Tara Nome Doyle & Federico Albanese Share 'Morning Light' From Forthcoming EP

Mercury KX are excited to present ‘Morning Light’ from the forthcoming collaborative EP between Berlin based Irish/Norwegian singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle, and Italian composer and pianist Federico Albanese. The EP’s title ‘The Moments We Keep’, is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s concept of time, and her interest in fleeting moments and the perception of them being relative. Lyrically, the tracks all orbit around moments that might have seemed ordinary at the time, but which stick with us, reflecting upon the intangible qualities of time.

Tara and Federico explain the song’s origins;

“Shortly after Federico and I had started our collaboration, I had to stay at the hospital for a little while. While I was there, Federico sent me this beautiful, calming piano track. I remember listening to it on repeat in the middle of the night, because I couldn’t sleep and it really helped me calm down. Writing the lyrics and vocal melody, I tried my best to enhance the soothing energy of the track. Lyrically, it speaks about how the discomfort, conflict and stressful thoughts we have at night time become a lot more manageable, if we can just make it through ‘til the next morning” Tara Nome Doyle

“I composed and recorded this piece one afternoon in my studio in Berlin. I wrote it for Tara. I knew that she was having a hard time, being in the hospital. As I know how it feels, I wanted to send her something to comfort her somehow, to give her some kind of relief. It was not my real intention initially for it to be a song for our EP, I just made it for her, spontaneously. But she did find comfort with it and also inspiration. And filled the music with her wonderful melodies and vocals.” Federico Albanese

‘The Moments We Keep’ EP was recorded by Federico Albanese and Tara Nome Doyle in Berlin between January and April 2021. It features 4 songs written by the two of them. It was produced by Federico Albanese and Tara Nome Doyle, arranged and mixed by Federico Albanese at Overhear Studio in Berlin, and mastered in Berlin by Zino Mikorey.