NEWS: Unit London Present Edozie Anedu || Platform: Online Exhibition

Edozie Anedu is a self-taught artist based in Benin City, Nigeria. Working primarily with oils, acrylics, pastels and recycled materials, Anedu’s paintings employ elemental forms and figures that verge on the abstract. He references graffiti and mural art traditions to focus his work on popular culture, music and fashion, socio political ideologies and the human condition.

Rendered in a bright, dramatic palette, Anedu also references secular tropes found in films like Osuofia in London, or popular songs like “Onuigbo” by Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, which both reference ambitions to move abroad to the west for a dream life.


Drawing from personal experience, Anedu’s unflinching use of colour and often aggressive brush strokes express a freedom of emotion that commands the attention. His childlike and seemingly haphazard strokes are in conversation with his own coming of age story - a journey of excitement, adjustments and hopeful rush to the future. His work embraces a synthesis of innocence, trial and error, memory and melancholy.

As an artist led gallery, UnitLondon are dedicated to supporting our artists and giving them a foundation from which they can express their ideas. Platform engages with topical cultural and socio-political issues by inviting artists to survey and explore some of the critical concepts that underpin their work. 10% of sales proceeds from each exhibition are donated to a charity of the artists' choosing. Edozie's chosen charity is Street Project Foundation - Lagos, Nigeria.