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NEWS: Vane Gallery Launches Refreshed Store

Although Vane Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne were able to re-open the gallery during October, they are now closed to the public until 2021. They look forward to welcoming you back in person as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, while their doors have been closed, they have been busy working on the brand new website, which is now live, including a refreshed Shop area that makes it easy to buy prints, publications and other editions by many of the artists we have worked with.

To promote these artists and the new Shop, they are offering 20% off all editions until 21 December 2020. Use the code VANE20 at the checkout.


Vane invite you to take a look at all the projects they have presented at the gallery and further afield since 2005. There’s more to come! Did you know Vane came into this world back in 1997? In the eight years before opening a gallery, they were a nomadic organisation, presenting projects in a variety of temporary spaces. Work continues on trawling though their archive scanning slides, invitation cards and the like and they will be adding content to the website over the next year before preparing to celebrate our silver jubilee in 2022.

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