No Exit Here: A Listen To Foolish Pleasure By The Krimis

Dull. A dull, dull day in a dead-end job with only the intoxicating aroma of coffee for comfort and a crumb of a buzz; this is where we left Berlin Punk Poet: "Truth be told he's never dreamed, sleep was just a black and numb state and grinding teeth the sound, the sound of his relief" - The Krimis, aka Max Müller, last May.

His art aims to implore bizarre worlds and distorted realities but to state brutal honesty and dark humour. Single Foolish Pleasure is the second tally of his forthcoming EP Buzz, indulging your tape and 7" thrills through labels Polaks Records from Île-de-France and rds rec. situated in Hamburg.

Our captivating capitalism novella of woe picks up the reigns, where Garage Rock verses that have a musically aggressive attitude bob along alternating with a higher keyed Post-Punk chorus. And, to round it all off, an Indie breakdown meets the trio of styles to conclude.

Things still aren't rosy in the character's customs. Life's pressures mount illustrated by the metaphor of a coffee-coloured horse tearing around a racing course of monotony with all his might - glistening in sweat - but ultimately heading nowhere; even winning awards glory to higher powers. Will the next two tracks on Buzz from Krim take a turn of optimism or analyse the struggle? We shall see...

Article by Beverley Knight