Open Mind For A Different View: A Listen to Metalica's Don't Tread on Else Matters By SebastiAn

Over fifty global artists, spanning spectrums of genres and generations and higher planes of greatness, with some, their only degree of separation an obsessive musical province and capability, fuse to memorialise thrash metal avatars Metallica. For the 30th anniversary of their fifth standing ovation inducing record, The Black Album, a remastered original and The Metallica Blacklist compilation, where the word tribute does not do it justice, are unleashed on September 10th, 2021.

Twelve critically acclaimed songs forming the Grammy-winning historic album - including singles Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, Wherever I May Roam, and Sad But True - were offered, without margins, to obliging masters of their fields such as The Neptunes, MacDemarco and Pheobe Bridgers; all crew were understandably stoked to be called upon. On July 27th, Ed Banger Records' SebastiAn - a producer without pretences who entices listeners to the Darkside of one's own accord - revealed his reimagining Don't Tread on Else Matters: an amalgam of Don't Tread On Me and Nothing Else Matters.

The Leonard Bernstein opening riff is exchanged to a murkier, sexy bass but the version conserves the uplifting swing alongside anticipated French Touch danceability, unforeseen tubular Rock Pop 80s fun and THAT voice. As Pedro Winter paints vividly,

"It starts with an improbable encounter of Freddie Mercury hanging out with Prince in a smokey downtown L.A rave. SebastiAn’s love for cinematographic music takes us to a peplum movie, James Hetfield as the doorkeeper, welcoming us in his kingdom of cut-up samples and strings symphony mixed together like the perfect ending credits of your favourite Marvel!"

A flawless transformation - in a West Side's Dance at the Gym approach -materialises as all else in consciousness fades into the background leaving only the vision of a new phase of the moon. Strings greet ballad Nothing Else Matters as brass of a warrior's potency introduces the section to end that sincerely could not exist without SebastiAn. An astounding cavalcade.

Adorned by an etched design on the B side, the run of limited edition 12" vinyl, sold out in super speed for the Banger Bandcamp pre-sale with proceeds donated to the Novak Djokovic Foundation - chosen by SebastiAn - and Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation, where all profits from the complete album head to hand in hand with 50 charities chosen by the participants. The Metallica Blacklist will be available digitally with physical formats to follow, including 4 CD and a limited edition 7 LP vinyl pressing.

'1 Album. 12 Songs. 53 Artists. Unlimited Possibilities.'

Article by Beverley Knight