Peaks And Valleys: A Listen To GO!GO!GO! By LOBSTERBOMB

(📷 Andie Riekstina)

Berlin basement besties LOBSTERBOMB are a trio of rainbowed glittered, bright red-lipped, leather-clad sassiness who bask in the DIY scene of their German capital, favouring the underground artistic playground to do their thang. After forming only in 2020, July 30th sees the exposing of their debut EP GO! GO! GO!: a soul-searching dive into the craving for change and evolution is etched with the resurgence of Garage Rock. Ja!

Members Nico Rosch, Vik Chi and Crayon debuted with single Yes, Yes Yeah, willing enthusiasm for the grey depths of winter at the start of the year and plotting a ferocious premier. Tumbling towards Punk behaviour - all marching drums, knockout Nina Hagen inspired vocals, minimised riffs - the track communicates the heart fluttering excitability of a fresh courtship and the doubts that can cloud this state: is there a future ahead, together?: 'Say it to me, baby, it's gonna be alright.'

Having featured in differing local bands, the terzet finally tethered their true tribe by posting handwritten classified ads on the Instagram page @weformedaband, run by the band GURR. Their frank lyricism is showcased in Indie tunage I Want Noise, incorporating guitar-led melody, vivace piano and harmonies, where sound, disturbance and chaos can be the only way to drown out the worries of this world whirring around one's mind: 'When there's silence all around, I have to break it.'

Mixed by Peter Thoms from the thriving German punk band Akne Kid Joe, the EP examines opposing emotions of positivity and hopelessness, and frantic Wake Up's glamorous cymbal use radiates a 70s dew with intense riffs and commanding vocals. Lyrically, it speaks of rebelling against the mundane as Nico worked a corporate 9 to 5 job, waking up to self-truths and the reality that our current society is not generally mentally and physically healthy.

Inner-directed Monster: tiers of broodiness and an instrumental of turmoil as that beast inside wrestles to survive, sticks with their candid revelations by taking a good look in the mirror, with admittance, and succumbing to the first step of recovery. Ending on a lighter note, Ready To Go, as the title suggests, values newfound friendships and carefree adventures after a depressive slump. Garage Rock to a tee, the spangled sound, chants and overall spark leave the listen fired and volunteering to meet LOBSTERBOMB wherever the wind blows.

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Article by Beverley Knight