Personal Perception: A Listen to Sense by Lobsterbomb

The neon confetti cannons of vibrancy return with their ferocious new track, Sense. Berlin Indie trio Lobsterbomb: Nico Rosch, Vik Chi and Crayon Jones, as a collective, are only a mere two years old and, as a loud and proud DIY outfit, find their spiritual place out on the road in Germany and under the hot, intoxicating air of any stage, large or minuscule. Their name grew on their home turf and is spreading far and wide.

EP Go Go Go! lit up the sunny skies of July 2021. However, it never shied away from truthful topics they inherently express in their sound, lyrics and music. A swarthy European January sees new material from the threesome where Vik'stumbling drums propel repetitive frantically played Rock riffs; they refuse to let up. Nicos' punchy punked vocals this time are joined by Crayon, and again they honour their open book policy of talking about matters of the mind that should, most clearly, be discussed: "I just wanna scream! "

They clarify their intention,

"Sense is about living in a way that seems chaotic to others but makes sense to you. It deals with the idea of finding the balance between functioning in daily life and maintaining a sense of self when medications subdue the strength of your emotions. When you need to release your frustrations and just want to scream, Sense is the kind of song you can play at maximum volume."

Article by Beverley Knight