Pleasure Is Mine: A Listen To Have You Met Me By Ora Violet

It is undisputedly common knowledge that producer extraordinaire Gordon Raphael has a trailblazing, risk-taking ear, not only propelling our dearly beloved Strokes to stratospheric heights but recently championing northern delights The Lounge Society and Working Men's Club. With this in mind, him praising London Rock quad with Proto-Punk tendencies Ora Violet stands them in rather good stead for their musical purpose, we can deduce.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist producers Black Tiles and Nick Ferman, they drafted in enthusiastic pals Jeet Mulkerj and Adam Liston for single, Have you Met Me, where comparisons have been cited to genre-defining Stooges and the versatility of the Raconteurs. Thrashing glamour, vivacious artwork and outfits and headbanging a plenty, the band proclaim,

“Influenced by Grinderman, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Marmaduke Duke and Earnest Hemingway, the song was inspired by the realisation that the same way we go down, we come back up; gradually and then suddenly. The antihero protagonist has lived a life of unapologetic excessive in all ways and despite nearing the end, the statement is clear... I won't go down."

At a crisp two minutes long, the track hurtles through space, like a cheater sprinting after prey, refusing to lay down and give up metaphorically and literally. Established guitar phrases that linger lead proceedings, as cymbal blessed drums, nippy, demure bass and a voice of showmanship drawls, "Not whining, not now, not ever, right now Not crying, not now, not over I, I won't go down." The song peacocks an affirmation and grit that Ora Violet has adopted, handing their listeners a moment to indulge in their view. Rock of the Garage wonderfully seeping over our airwaves more and more in 2021...

Article by Beverley Knight