Pump It Up A Little More: A Listen to Bad Friday by Everything Everything

A satiny orange vessel of 11 songs- pooled together by the masterful Everything Everything under the title Re-Animator- drew the expectant crowds but never got to leave the port; the pandemic put a stop to that. But those endowed with an optimistic disposition knew that, with patience, their next LP Raw Data Feel- here on May 20th, 2022 via Infinity Industries- would signify a double whammy of foil-fresh immersion throughout their UK tour this spring. Hurrah!

Announcing the jubilant news on February 7th was the fanfare of lead track Bad Friday, where, understood by followers of the Art-Rock fellas, it is impractical to predict its concept or sound. What we heard is a terrific jam, a calypso, energised return of Spearman's electric beats, unfazed and poised Bass from Pritchard, contagious melody and a bridge akin to a House classic.

But despite its flawless pop production, from band member Alex Robertshaw and pal Tom Fuller, its disturbing lyricism causes an uncomfortable air. Jon Higgs' kinetic vocals question an unspeakable occurrence where things were fiercely violent. The victim can not recall many details about the attack, not even what night it happened; its seriousness disguised and diluted behind a wild night out: 'You must have bust me out of my head I’m wondering / How did I get this, blood all over me?'

Mostly in noir tones, Bad Friday's visualiser- directed by Kit Monteith and Higgs- frames the band surreally morphing into A.I. generated imagery. In sound also, freedom expressed in designing a computer programme feeds into the composing of their sixth studio album. Embracing technology and progression in unison between human and bot is a theme to be uncovered in Raw Data Feel, as we certify that the difficulties, and certainly the communication, of the past two years, would have been even more frightful without our complex, digital friend.

Everything Everything announced a limited-edition lyric book CAPS LOCK ON: Lyrics + Debris 2007-2022, out May 20th through Faber Music.