We Are Sailing: Liam Gallagher Presents Down By The River Thames

Two concerts, both alike in dignity, in the fair virtual land, where we lay our scene. It was not long ago that we attended Fontaines D.C.'s interactive, visually stimulating show and now on Saturday, December 5th witnessed Liam Gallagher: Down By The River Thames. The soirees, via Melody VR, were each distinctive and profoundly entertaining, creating a communal feeling that you were part of something special. Reminiscent of the momentous helicopter flying over Knebworth, or the whirring engine of D'You Know What I Mean, is how we began our evening, and what an evening it was.

Gifted with a crisp sunset, we travelled east to west, dusk to dark on a barge dressed up to the nines with lamps, a rock band and plenty of appeal. Liam greeted us with an old friend, Hello. The whole group looked stylish, and extra points for Gallagher's hat, but the breathtaking views came from the sensational sights of London Town; the old sport looked spectacular, providing an emotional sense of pride.

Gliding past the 02 Arena, Wall of Glass chimed out, a symbol of where it all began for the resurgence of LG, and his backing singers plus an incredibly solid band including wingman Bonehead added extra sonic flare. There was a natural feel with flashes of the crew, and the panning of the cameras and multiple angles kept things moving as the pace took off with the 60s embellished Halo leading to Shockwave and the acknowledgement of the quality mixing at hand and Liam's voice unsinkable.

Darling Columbia brought Oasis back into action followed by Fade Away and prominent lyrics:"While we're living, the dreams we have as children fade away." Why Me, Why Not? and its gratifying keys brought with it our first sighting of Tower Bridge as the lights from the buildings shimmered on the water, and Greedy Soul chose the Shard as its backdrop proving that it does have the Midas touch. A wee round of applause introduced the entrance of Gene, Liam's boy, who played the drums once more in The River, the song title being the stimulus for the spectacle.

For Once, the vessel floated under the bridge with onlookers snatching a look of the superlative vision and Gallagher's hallmarked stance. The recognisable beat and guitar solo in Morning Glory was sleek, and a hint of the rebellious, speak your mind attitude returned in Cigarettes and Alcohol. Stemming from words: "Is it worth the aggravation, to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth working for" prompting Liam to address our nation's leaders of Rishi and Boris, and not favourably you might guess.

Headshrinker and Supersonic linked with the bird's eye view of the landscape, and after a second of contemplation, our northern fella was grateful for his viewers saying directly 'Thank you, goodnight, happy Christmas.' The Big Eye didn't escape any wrath however when he told it that he just wasn't arsed about it, indicating that London is home, but Manchester will always have his heart.

A humble version- where the piano was the focus- of Champagne Supernova ended the gig before the encore of the new song All You're Dreaming Of, filmed at the beginning of the trip to a dominant industrial backdrop of cranes and yellow tint, beautiful. The whole occasion was bizarrely brilliant, not something we may have predicted attending back in January, but up there with the best of any physical adventures. What a night, what a year, what a rock and roll star. Voyage complete.

Article by Beverley Knight