See The Daylight: A Listen To Catalyst by ĠENN

After the past 18 months of our New Abnormal that we have collectedly endured - to various heart-wrenching degrees - it is no wonder that the Arts is collating encounters and responding through mediums in considerable amounts. Reactionary shouts for real change ring out, which is precisely what Maltese-British, colour steeped ĠENN has dispatched in new single Catalyst - via London’s Everything Sucks Music: their first offering after unleashing psych trip EP Liminal last March.

Dreaming the same dream, establishing as a group was not given the gift of time to pause for thought, as drummer Sofia shook hands with founding members Leanne, Leonie and Janelle in person at their first ever gig playing as one. It could not have gone any better - natural, fitting, meant to be; the animated, drab-swerving punks knew they had secured a solid lineup.

As a buddy to the live version of track Feel creating a double release on August 25th, Catalyst is hungry.

“The word revolution has often been used in more grand ways throughout collective history, but Catalyst started as more of a personal rediscovery, realising that every day is a work in progress to wake up from the coma of tradition,” reports vocalist Leona.

"In previous years, I understood the importance of moving forwards, doing my best to cast off the shackles of the past. In this sense, the song acts as a way to remember that change starts from within.”

Unaggressive might emphasises ĠENN's point. A garage recorded execution exhales a crispness, where the steadfast, repeating bass riff allows the sultry modes of voice and other instruments to sew decorative beads upon the tune. If one is stuck in a rut, their words urge the crowds to burn up that faded comfort blanket without hesitation: 'Gotta get up and get moving, stand up and face it head-on.' There's no burying the head in the sand from these four, equipped to confront; they will not back down. 'Stay awake now.'

Article by Beverley Knight