So Much Mix To Give: A Listen to Step By Step and Creative Source From Braxe + Falcon

📸 Stéphane Quême

A mixtape of musical ancestry from DJ Falcon and Alan Braxe rolls into one newfangled EP. The dance floor kings fix their crowns, uniting to produce sweet sounds after years of appreciating each other's individual collaborations and endeavours. In 2022, an ability to identify the colours of their past never stifles growth as their fresh, unexpected grooves dock. EP Step by Step joins us in high summer on August 26th from Domino imprint Smugglers Way; lead singles Step By Step and Creative Source greet us today, March 29th.

Musical technology moves in bounds, evolving since the majestic days of the early 2000s. Cousins Braxe + Falcon paused formulaic thinking and placed importance on solidifying their loops and phrases in this new era of innovation, guaranteeing the rest was a fun, punky playground of creation. 'Happy accidents' were encouraged from their modular synthesizers as the interweaved French Touch landscape of past remixes- Cassius, Daft Punk, Justice - all lustrously shine.

Vocalist Panda Bear lyrically glides and harmonizes through sentimental love outpouring, the melodious Step By Step: a slower-paced brother to So Much Love To Give. An end-of-evening sidestep number, ripe for air grabbing, holds elements of the days of yore, reminiscing through ceaseless lucid dreamed synths, echoed new wave beats and ear-catching bass. That said, it manages to feel entirely comfortable in its modern skin.

Hand-clapping jam Creative Source ramps things up a notch while still cool enough to float on the breeze. The track samples a mini refrain from 1973 track I'd Find You Anywhere by R&B group Creative Source as looped horns look to the tantalising climatic composition of Crescendolls. This dashing duo know their way around a studio for sure, gathering and sharing their iconic moments, and it shows. Expect good vibes, beats and tunes from this esteemed alliance with enough of that old magic we crave.

Pre-order Step By Step on vinyl now: Dom Mart | Digital