Standing Strong: A Listen To Robbery By Structures

Not just Pop-Punk, but Rough-Wave is the description that Amiens' band Structures choose to answer to, declaring an inevitable air of French coolness. The name needed to conjure up a brutal and harsh atmosphere, and with themes of anxiety and depression explored in the writing, their art is their therapy.

Post Punk is particularly prevalent in music at the moment it seems, which suits me down the ground abundantly; it’s all about that effected bass, driving rhythms, and dusky, choppy moodiness that I dig. Where Structures add another element to the presence is their tendencies to include New Rave moments to their sound, providing coarse energy to their gigs, inviting you to be drawn into their passionate sermon.

Meeting as youths and building a tight friendship, Adrien Berth, Marvin Borges Soares, Piere Seguin, and Oscar Siffritt made their move to the cultural mecca of Paris to infuse the scene. They released the exceptionnel six-track EP Long Life in 2018, featuring song Arabian Knight’s Club, armed with its snake charming vibe, and tuneful live crowd-pleaser Satellite, where “You’re lost now” repeats honestly, leading to a reggae drum beat and guitar solo. Three years into the band, they have uncaged single, and video Robbery from forthcoming debut album How Does it Feel?

Screeching and jarring noise starts the song, as a corporate conference bores the audience to tears, until frenzied sirens ring out as the crowd is taken hostage. That addictive bass riff begins. Frontman Seguin takes matters into his hands onstage as our other tormentors intimidatingly roam round. M O N E Y underscores the chorus as "This is a robbery" calls out in a perfect, crystal clear English accent. As the lighting intensifies, the observers find themselves hypnotised by flashing images projected on the screen.

Note-form cash is thrown at the four; people start to let their hair down and feel the moment, posing the question of were they ripped off and miserable in the first place by following what they think they ought to? The outro repeats, “I know we’re all infected”, but by what is left to you to decide. Such a great tune, racing and pulsing to the finish line.

Structures is gaining stature and strength. If you haven't come across the skilled quartet before, also try the slight Strokes' Taken For a Fool inspired vid for their single Sorry, I Know It’s Late, But... You will hear a different hue from the boys, but receive another tempting taster, and of what is to come as we wait with anticipation for the first LP arrive, and for the charged outfit to rightfully start making a bigger mark on the UK.

Article by Beverley Knight