Sunny Spirited Affection: A Listen To Carcrash By Blood Wizard

In perhaps one of the most ghastly Januarys some have endured in their lifetime, Blood Wizard- the frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns- is at your service to radiate light through his off-centre love song Carcrash backed by a sun-drenched idyllic video. This third single leads to the untethering of debut album Western Spaghetti, out 5th March, which promises to deliver folkish tales tinged with a mysterious, inky edge.

A teensy-weensy shimmy of the hips and we are off to a warming, sepia filtered start, the spirits instantly lifted by the guitar's sweet tones underscoring the mellow richness of Wizard's voice. The gentle waves continue in an almost 90s American Indie Pop smash as a female voice joins, and they exclaim, "Carcrash, I'm your car crash every day" revealing the notion that we may drive each other mad at times, but the love is constant and true. With its tropical footage in a Tenerife banana field and oceanic views and stylish fashion, the entire package is an endearing peek of Blood Wizard‘s ethos.

Article by Beverley Knight