Surfin On A Rocket: A Listen to Cerrone x The Reflex

Utmost respect for French electronic music is ever-present in the industry, dance floors and homes of today. Sound artists Jean-Michel Jarre, St Germain, Daft Punk, Justice and scores more defined the course of modern history in their modest and sincere manner. Observing the explorative tendencies of pioneer Jean, drummer, writer and producer Marc Cerrone rode the 70's wave of Disco dazzle by marrying electronic synthesizers and traditional symphonic orchestrations in a French technique. A blending seed of 90s golden French touch to House was in earshot.

The broad, non-judgmental disco community dives deeper than only songs with appetite- reacting to the pandemic- nourished by favourable, shimmering unity from Dj and producers Breakbot and Irfane and Defected's club night Glitterbox. Cerrone, whose anthems include the Guccified Supernature and Love in C Minor, enlisted the help of remixer The Reflex to put his spin on hits Look for Love and Hooked On You, releasing a five-track EP via Because Music on Friday, April 15th.

Hustling through the dry ice with agile brass, piano keys and irresistible drum grooves, 1980's Hooked on You delivers the soulful voices of Joycelyn Brown and her backing choir. The Reflex Revision takes a denser beat and Sister Sledge tones, allowing those keys, brass and cowbells space to radiate. At ten minutes long, Look for Love, originating back in 78, slides down spiralling rainbows of strings, swelling for the sing-along chorus and turning corners for the murkier moments of drama in the instrumentals.

Cerrone intends to create an atmosphere in his work, now reflected in Reflex's edits, where short and long versions ring out through 90s style pulsing through intense strings, jazzy brass and a bongo dance-off section. The spirit of disco reigns supreme as it should. It's not always sunshine, happiness and flowers. Disco is real, it's raw and fun, creating movement in the body and society and, most of all, accepting of choices as individuals.

Cerrone will be performing live in the UK at this year’s Brixton Disco Festival on Saturday, April 30th 2022.