Sweets For My Sweet: A Listen to Remedy by Breakbot & Irfane

Sugar and spice and all things nice, Disco zealots, Djs and producers Breakbot and Irfane blossom into thoughts of healing in new EP- via Ed Banger and Because- entitled Remedy. They keep things just so, light and breezy; the idea to amble into a socialised, people-filled Spring. Nurturing heart, body and soul, their own Housey, Ripertonesque Les Fleurs plants sunflowers, embodying a dewy horizon with a sense of longed-for calm.

As we tentatively test the waters of togetherness, opener The Light: gorgeous and frothy, amplifies the sound of birds chirping overhead, reinstating a forgotten pastime of queuing and nattering at the Gelato stall. An organ motif and drumless intro turn smoothly into a soul-funk cruise, where a quirky rhythm of words do not always sit neatly on the resonating beat, and the chorus sustains sanguinity: "Hold on with all your might, it takes a little darkness to enjoy the light."

B & I borrow a heavenly choir of aahs holding the tune. Their bass is the main attraction until past halfway through the track, where a touch of angelic harp launches a short burst of distorted vocals, calling out the negativity of creating future situations in one's mind: "I know, the more I think, the less I know." An intricate relationship unravels in trad discoteque boogie Disease, painting love as a spectrum of colour- neither black nor white.

Concocting their elixir, easing the pandemic, they completed their studio, creating a space to make their box-fresh sounds. Concluder- lead single the rhythmical Remedy- knocks upon the door of recovery. Intro free, it sets out as a delicate, mid-tempo glide, a warning of the trappings of empty clairvoyance and assurance: ”Can you smell the poison of the promises they can't keep.”

The animated video envisioned and directed by Victor Haegelin, aka Patagraph, floats through the universe sidestepping pitfalls to a passage of eargasmic chord progressions and 70s plucked effect to its handclap worthy harmonious chorus. In news of sadness, the brothers in beat’s music- a universal language- gives a moment, adding their splash of rainbow flair.