The Kaleidoscopic Gathering: A Listen to Collected Reworks Vol. III from Foals

Trilogy: There’s something undeniably neat about that word, the most balanced uneven number of all. As autumn commenced and our land made a faithful transition to shades of brown, the conclusion of Foals’ three volumes of remixes, Collected Reworks, joined us on October 9th. On the next dawn, the triple-vinyl box set delivered colour, as part of National Album Day. It’s duly noted that the diligent quartet doesn’t usually take masses of time to pause, but, as it was out of their hands, a rediscovery of their catalogue of interpretations kept the flame burning for their fans.

Volume I dusted the air with gold sparkle, while Volume II suited the moodier shade of midnight blue. Here at Volume III, sunset colours swirl and blend with more chill to be discovered. The version of Into The Surf by rising creator Tomos is a paired back, hazy version, with the grace to keep the xylophone motif: a tranquil listen. Another brand-new work is Dreaming Of by Joe Corti, known for his China White events at Corsica Studios, leaning towards Acid House beat, progressing as pleasingly as the original. The final unheard listen is by legendary Leeds’ club night Back to Basics’ Paul Woolford. A song for the masses, his creation of My Number captures that main room, headline act euphoria, reminding us that a little piano house never hurt nobody.

We find two more adaptations of My Number: Treasured companion of the band Kit Monteith and his band Trophy Wife, soaks the track in repetitive strings and funk until it the intensity revs everything up; love it. And Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs opens the show with an extended tune that zigzags with levels and is techno tainted, also like Voyeur’s Bad Habbit. Retaining the essence of Foal’s guitar sound and melody is an alternative version rather than a remix of Balloons by Kieran Hebden, who rearranged Tron as well; the initial indie of the original is found too in Supermayer’s Olympic Airways. Miami, revised by diskJokke, seeks intensity with a thumping, full baseline, and synths that can carry the mind elsewhere.

A lullaby, music box quality has been added to Koreless’ Late Night, presenting a concise approach; this can describe echoing Spanish Sahara by Mount Kimbie, which provoked memories of Bullit by Watermat. There are two varieties of Give It All on the LP. Firstly, we have Lindstrøm’s revamp who has created an uplifting, light quality that is contrasting with soundtrack producing royalty Clint Mansell's closer. Trusted collaborator of director Aronofsky, his show-stopping attempt includes a heartbeat throughout and is drenched in emotion, a fitting way to end the volumes.

On the same Friday of release, Foals hosted their Lockdown After Party on Instagram, inviting their audience to ask any questions about the works or hang out and share their thoughts. Under a glow of violet light, this acted like a nice full stop for the Reworks period and a celebration of the boys’ achievements. Colour is present in every sense of the word for this project, with the vinyl in vivid pink, green and yellow hues, benefiting the eyes, ears, and spirit.

Article by Beverley Knight