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NEWS: The Mary Wollopers Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary. Watch on March 17th

"Isn't there hope for the country with the Mary Wallopers in it"-Tommy Tiernan

"The Mary Wallopers' trademark charm and irreverence is matched only by their staggering talent" - Hotpress

One year ago, COVID decimated the music industry and the first band out of the blocks were The Mary Wallopers. Unfazed by the immeasurable obstacle dropped in their path and forgoing all the industry grants, the three Dundalk men self-built a pub/studio in their house, becoming one of the first bands in the world to host a livestream on St. Patrick's Day 2020.

Creating a space where Wayne's World meets Irish ballads, the show brought joy with over 40 thousand people watching it in the first 24 hours alone. They connected people through the chat room and speaking directly to camera the Wallopers have made their show unmissable to those trapped in lockdown or overseas.

Two episodes later with one at Halloween and one at Christmas they introduced the Walloper's extended family with musical guests like CMAT, Daragh Lynch (Lankum), Radie Peat and Katie Kim alongside guest appearances from Junior Brother and Shane McGowan (The Pogues).

On the 17th of March 2021 the Wallopers will be celebrating their 1st anniversary stream and promise even more surprises and less professionalism.

Watch from 9pm GMT live on March 17th and subscribe for updates here

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