The Merging Of Like-Minded Souls: A Listen To Hope By Lucigenic

Now come on, all cities could benefit from a slither of Trashed TV I feel. Based at The Bread Shed venue, this live magazine and review show entertains folk with bands, sofa guests, exhibitions and a DJ set to sign off the night. Absolutely nothing not to love. One, it is in Manchester and two, it is music, so there is bound to be several knowledgable dudes floating in the crowd.

Take for instance five-piece Lucigenic-Lucy Davies-Wyatt, Gary Wyatt Mark Woolfenden, Simon Wolstencroft and Chris Toole- running into legendary producer Mike Bennet at the shindig who consequently aided the amalgamation of Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants/Bow Wow Wow/Republica), Mark Refoy (Spiritualised/Spacemen 3) Steve Etherington (Rubettes/Sisters of Mercy) and Alan Keary. As the formation of this fresh supergroup solidified, a three-track EP developed.

Producer Bennett and engineer Angus Wallace worked together to enhance albums for The Falls, and this formula has been lovingly restored for this gathering. Over five minutes long, track Hope plays to each individual strength of the assembly by lulling you in softly, softly with wooze and whirl that sweeps around the head as the tempo then rises into full-on stadium rock; chords carefully selected to match.

The song chooses to face the sun and concentrates on moving on with life after a period of harsh turmoil. A recognisable Madchester drum rhythm and resonance send a breeze of calmness as Lucy tells, "Hope, the futures looking brighter, your face is so much lighter, and you could not express any more." before the momentum propels the song to close. Hope sits on a limited edition bespoke 10” vinyl beside two other numbers recorded at FarHeath and will be available later in the year.

Article by Beverley Knight