The Only Way They Know How: A Look At Kill Them With Kindness By IDLES

If you happen to be stuck in the common occurrence of a YouTube vortex and stumble on Kill Them With Kindness, you may feel that you are settling down to a cutesy, piano backed animation worthy of such a title. Once lulled in, and the appearance of a not overly jolly sun appears, the dirty, infectious riff slaps; the mood snaps and the lushness begins. IDLES' new release sees a collaboration with animator Pip Williamson and director James Carbutt to create their new retro black, white and grey music video.

The sixth shared track, from their number one album Ultra Mono, possess a marching drum that turns out to be a gratifying outcome of the piece: all the diverse characters we are invited to meet, some we favour, some best less said, keep the timing of this commanding beat, even down the pub where the rhythm of the punches manage to keep in time. And it is this shabby pub, based on the Working Men's Clubs of Barsnely, where our question lies: How do we spread a little light over the negative, incorrect and downright scary beliefs of its regulars?

The pointless scrapping continues until our heroes, Joe, followed by Adam, Mark, and Jon, use music and words as their weapons of choice. Flowers happily dance, their spirit unable to be broken because they stick together as a troop: "I mean ba ba business, and I ain't on my own." Spoonfuls of the best medicine, kindness, is administered to the hostile bunch, and a particularly frighting headline is destroyed with the cutting of a heart. As the solution courses round their veins, a little chill is found from the aggressors as they accept a massage topped with candles and dance along to the song in harmony.

If only it were that easy, but they again, why not? Once again, the punk purveyors have done what they do best: spread a message of positivity and love delivered in a thumping, assertive manner. During the making of the artwork, an unusual fact was discovered that no two Weatherspoon carpets are the same, each one has a unique pattern like a snowflake, which likewise, can be said for each one of us, especially our esteemed IDLES. Looking ahead to 2021 with hope, catch their much-anticipated live return in the UK and Ireland with tour dates across May and June 2021.

Article by Beverley Knight