The Sea Of Discovery: A Listen To Dialogue: Buoy By Jeremy Moors and Andrew Warne

Cruising on the flow of a creative stream, never lowering an anchor, and admiring and investing mirages on the shore is how we arrive at the destination of EP Dialogue: Buoy: an artwork rendevous from producers Jeremy Moors and Andrew Warne. At the harbour, the pair perceived a connection through their investigative sessions for the electronic collective Dagga Domes and decided to cultivate their craftsmanship to complement each other's strengths devising their four new works.

After rekindling a devotion to modular synths, Jeremy captures music daily as a means to feel at peace with the world and himself. A recent venture solidified the formation of techno outfit IOE AIE with long time confidant and collaborator Kit Monteith and the fashionable rave tones of their remix for Everything Everything's Black Hyena. Andrew, a respected member of DDC, meanders through an artistic landscape of engineering, producing and building equipment, composing music that meshes complexity and simplicity.

The natural progression to working together was sealed at Port Mahon in Oxford, where the intention demanded to remain unprescribed. Our ambient escape sets sail with Velocity and its low, reverberating percussive melody that trickles down the spine. Keeping the pace, this melody travels headfirst in furs, in a time gone by, through icy snowstorms and gusts. Higher pitched sound effects are passed along the way, acting as a distraction, to turn the head, just for a millisecond, teasing the steadiness.

Kinetic submerges the ears underwater with a repetitive call of a mythical sea creature of the deep underscored by a constant drone of noise. New, unknown species appear, causing the head to lift and look to an unusually green sky. Tension mounts and ceases in an incredibly subtle way mirroring the animals' personal and common journey. For Drift, the continued baseline noise perseveres as the hum of a boat engine cuts through waves or the blades of a helicopter fly through pillows of emerald clouds. It persists until its climax reaches an unseen shadowy figure hiding amongst the rocks; the vehicle turns around and leaves, heart in mouth.

A knocking beat requires the door to be unlocked for the last piece Estuary and it's jungle cries. Gargantuan plant leaves are brushed to the side as a chase unfolds. All three previous numbers lead to this occasion of suspense with a tinny drum beat resembling a clock. Time is up. Is the figure caught? Do they escape? While this is only my humble interpretation and open for debate, please, Dialogue: Buoy gifts you twenty minutes of freedom from your necessary thoughts of the day through technical dexterity, imagination and flair. You may only see visions, you may only hear sound, but it is yours to have.


Article by Beverley Knight