The Stage Beckons: A Listen To Fire Away By Nadia Sheikh

Sitting in España's establishments and listening to the locals' converse drips with passion and vitality. Place this side by side with the industrial, cool, rock history of the UK and the outcome is half British, half Spanish musician Nadia Sheikh. Although she takes diligent care to ensure every melody and chorus sticks, the singer-songwriter will slink with ease from sunny pop to gloomy, grungy rock. This Friday, November 27th, brings with it her new track, Fire Away: her love letter to live music.

When the singer-songwriter supported The Stereophonics earlier this year across their 19 European shows, she felt invigorated about that hard-to-describe feeling of losing yourself to music at concerts. Speaking of Fire Away, she romantically recalls,

“It’s my love song to the crowd. When you walk on stage, you can sometimes feel fear, excitement, you can feel exposed and vulnerable when you’re putting all you’ve got out there including your songs that are sometimes your deepest feelings, fears and thoughts. But when you get out there, you feel the magic and the love that comes from the people, and that makes you feel like you’re not alone."

A girl in the audience inherently threw her hands in the air when Sheikh and her band first yielded the song, and folk started hugging; these emotional actions were a desired result. The song is a gorgeous little thing with chord progression worthy of Coldplay, stunning voice likened to Big Moon and all the catchiness of an Oasis ditty to which I believe our friends over the pond in the USA could lap up. It thrashes out at first to set the scene, then is and stripped to only guitar and voice, while a steady beat builds tension to the crescendo of the chorus.

Not afraid of transformation, the songbird's voice is supported by strumming guitars and ear-catching drumming, illustrating how she was born to perform and could never imagine herself doing anything but: "When the curtain drops, I'm bound to turn into stone". Nadia Sheik graced stages at the Isle of Wight Festival, FIB (Benicassim Festival) and Y Not Festival, and is au fait in that area. It is now time for the airwaves to sit up and take notice as our Anglo Espanol entertainer flies.

Article by Beverley Knight