Trust In Self: A Listen To L'homme idéal by Bertrand Burgalat and Radio Edit From Yuksek

Remove those shades out of the case, kick back and allow yourself to float away under the aroma of a floral field as you indulge in the smooth beats of the new track L'homme idéal- The Ideal Man- from the breezy composer, luminary Bertrand Burgalat. A sense of what is to come from the forthcoming album Rêve Capital-greeting us on June 11th from his label Tricatel- the original acquired a brother in the shape of a Radio Edit from French House producer Yuksek.

Orchestral, sophisticated and a drizzling of funk, the original ticks the box of marrying modern production flashes with retro-chic ambience, spoken word- I will come onto that later- and backing vocals billow around the head, completing its grace.

It speaks of masculinity but tinged with bravado and humour: "The ideal man, It's me, But I still need to find someone who deserves me". On one side of the coin, this could exhibit much-needed self-love and confidence, but on the other, he has placed himself on an unattainable platform, unwilling to compromise and adapt. Can there honestly be an ideal man in life?

For Yuksek's disco-infused interpretation, the spangled, clap-along beat goes hand in hand beside guitar strings and that key-change to inspire optimism. The video contains many men of differing background, ages, sizes and more, encouraging people to be themselves, be a good person, and not take life too seriously. It employs a montage feel where little life moments have been captured as they go about their day.

As I write, enjoying birds chirp, it is Friday, and this will be quite what I need to listen to in my own sanctuary of the jardin later. To go back to Buraglat's personal advice in L'homme idéal, I conclude with his quote to which we can all concede:

"People often ask me my tricks, my secret... In a word, how I manage to be what I am. I usually answer: If I knew, I wouldn't be. That's right! Of course! And I'll let you think about that."

Article by Beverley Knight