Two Sides Of A Coin: A Look At Movement By SebastiAn

Trapped in a shadowy intense cell down in the depths of the mind can be a hopelessly turbulent place, and maybe the most alarming of all. To signify one year of release for his thought-provoking second record Thirst, electro maestro SebastiAn decided to acknowledge this by delivering the official music video for track Movement, directed by Arnaud Deroudilhe. They followed a desire to examine the cautionary myth of Narcissus, with themes of self-obsession and solipsism, to place how these issues fit into our present-day life.

Where many possibly had more time on their hands during our global pandemic, there was scope to think, pause, dream or create; rich pieces of art were shared that aided us to drift, switch off and escape. Although SebastiAn was denied the ability to tour, we were able to marvel at his collaborative soundtrack, backing the short film showcasing Saint Laurent's Men's Spring Summer Collection for 2021. Singling out the rooftops and architecture of Paris, New York and Bejing, the package is nothing short of breathtaking.

Thirst is a grave contrast to the glowing fashion piece that we need to witness and digest, a different side represented on the artistic coin, and another face of lockdown. There is no splendour in the building here with a girl of great beauty striding down the corridor stealing a glimpse of herself in the lift mirror as she heads to the laundry room, drawn by an invisible force to every reflective surface she can find. Appearing to adore herself at first, representing what she might display through social media, things soon follow a disturbing turn. Forced solitary confinement and no real and physical connection takes its toll as she enters a state of torment, smashing the mirror, flowers and vase into tiny pieces. The side society does not see from the girl is truly revealed, but only to herself. The pace matches the song; the organ and voice commences not knowing where the tune is heading, with lyrics repeating her state of existence:"Movement, light and sound, till it all comes crashing down." A constant pulsating effect runs from start to end as the beat deepens and quickens to a surreal ending that is sweet yet sinister. This single sits on the 14 track album Thirst, released through Ed Banger Records, featuring singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, Iranian/Dutch artist Sevdaliza and more. Marriages of musical styles and pairings manage to preserve SebastiAn's dignity and ability, and, most of all, encourage his production of modern art.

Article by Beverley Knight