Uninhibited Float: A Listen To No Pressure By Sabine And Darian Zahedi

A charity concert held in the city of dreamers, LA, a few years back kindled a musical pairing and respected friendship of artists Darian Zahedi and Sabine (Francesca Vannucci) to which Darian recollects admiringly, "She stood out with lot's of personality in her voice. In her person as well." Separate on the billing but forming a bond over their fondness of Giorgio Moroder and Massive Attack, the two writers revelled in that propitious buzz of collaboration and ended up penning the casual duet of No Pressure in the home studio of Zahedi.

They shared a mutual perception that the tone of their alliance ought to be 'freeing, simple, and fun. Something that conveys letting go; getting lost, enjoying the moment', complementing their individual taste; the outcome is a whirlpool of tranquil, star-swirling qualities; an air-whipped, creamy mousse softness. 'I think the dreaminess and a definite intoxicating haze are usually the goal, so I let these feelings inform the sound selection process,' Zahedi demonstrates.

String synths like the Arp Solina and Korg Lambda, analogue delays and choruses and employing Eventide H3000 on guitars and lead vocals fashion a vintage allured glamour with a sensual 70s funk, also detected in Darian's debut single of 2020, Dancing. Lathered in Sabine's backing vocals, the acceleration of the chorus 'Feel so alive. I'll take you higher.' emerges with a gush of tingling promise supplemented by monophonic sequences in combination with bass guitar and all manner of guitar sounds.

The supporting pink-hued visualiser was a brainwave of Sabine as she cruises and strolls aimlessly through timeless spots and Hollywood elegance in LA, reinforced by an electric mist, synced to the beat. Darian regards its craftsmanship, 'I helped by filming her walk, which required squatting down and walking backwards and trusting her to tell me if I was going to trip over something or drift into oncoming traffic.' All in the name of art is worth it for this bubblegum, pastel package of watermelon freshness.

Article by Beverley Knight