Wake Up, It's a Beautiful Morning: A Listen To The Last Time I Saw You From Haich Bar Na

A bolt of inventiveness, haste to pin down those visceral thoughts even if they are a jumbled pile or tangled knot. Or, an idea and the patience to let it simmer, grow at its rate without worry, in good faith. South London artist making headway Haich Ber Na neither rushed nor forced matters with his fresh track The Last Time I Saw You, and on the date of Wednesday, September 22nd, it is our turn to welcome his mulled song and plea to a pal. Haich remembers,

The Last Time I Saw You is about a friend stuck in an endless loop of depression and me trying to pull them out of it by reminding them they just need to get up and go. This song started as a loop and stayed a loop for months. I found it hard to turn into a full song because I just enjoyed how hypnotic it was. Eventually, I managed to take it further and came up with the hook.”

Although this track showed no signs of urgency, the scribing producer bulldozed his way through his Rap and Grime phazes to his Pop presence in the most obscure shape, 2021 EP From Then 'Til Now. From it, DJ crate ideal, Jamiroquai chanting 0594 Help commanded the attention of House guru Pedro Winter who masterminded a virtual collaboration spanning London, Paris and Montreal with Shay Lia. Track of Time, also beside special edition remixes by Masters at Work, unwittingly or not, offered an impression directionally of TLTISY.

It is downright giant, banging! Pushing it further than ever ventured, warped echos coat an assortment of sound, from an Indie entrance heading to Rock, then the harsher end of House as a repeated two-chord motif adds weight to the situation, brushing against anthemic bells swooping in with enlightenment.

But there's more, screechy flashes all point to the erratic wonder of the mind, which whirs after the volume of top-notch production and striking choices. Haich's voice, aureate as ever, straight talks his friend as only a connection of closeness can, "You look worse since the last time I saw you, I know you, I know you need to get up." It can be good. It can. Follow his scripture: "I don't give a fuck about these things about these things I can't control."

Catch Haich Ber Na at Pitchfork Music Festival, London, on Saturday, November 13th, 2021

Article by Beverley Knight