What A Mighty Good Man: A Listen to The Sun by Myd feat. JAWNY

And the nominee is... advocate of absolutely, positively and resolutely being yourself for all occasions, magnetic MYD: French producer, performer spray painting his mark of psychedelic patterned colour over dull, grey skies. To coincide with his jubilant recognition for a Victoires de la Musique Award, he adds a flair to his hallmarked, gold-selling track The Sun, granted via Ed Banger Records and Because Music, by reveling a lil glow-up with his pal from across the pond, alt-pop guru JAWNY, who raves,

“The song is good, like, really fucking good, so when Myd asked me if I wanted to be on the remix... I dropped everything I was doing and recorded my verse. Then we went to the fucking moon and kissed. It was fucking hot, reaaaally hot”.

Myd's carefree, genuine attitude is steadily spreading over his homeland France and beyond, as his kaleidoscopic 2021 debut album Born a Loser was hailed a contemporary marvel. Teasing out a frolicsome side to dance music, it blessed the mainstream with integrity. From the record, track The Sun's indie swagger is buoyant, tag-teaming the agile bass while the guiding guitar broadcasts his wobbly feel of just about holding it together as you sashay through the hot, familiar comfort of the club.

JAWNY'S lyrical addition is as if it has always been there, slotting in with finesse, remorseful and regretful about not being with a desire, which seems bizarre yet practically perfect with the optimistic tunage, but that is the Myd drill. The community crossed fingers as the two lads performed live in Paris at the ceremony last night. Result? There was not a formal win, ok, but, you know, slow and steady wins the race, the underdog reigns supreme. And always will. Congrats.

Article by Beverley Knight